Insight into the motivation, style and capability of key people provides invaluable information.  The business is able to improve selection, deployment and development decisions whilst people who are assessed can become more
loyal and committed.  We have significant expertise in applying assessment
in a wide range of situations.  This includes:

Business acquisition. Post acquisition assessment identifies fit,
  capability and potential.

New role or change in role requirements. Insight into whether individuals can
  adapt to new demands and ways of working.

Leadership development. New leaders or those who are not achieving their
  potential can benefit from assessment.

Leadership team development. Understanding other people’s style and
  preferences leads to improved team dynamics and performance.

High potentials/succession/progression. Predicting whether people can adapt
  to the level of responsibility reduces the risk of poor promotion decisions.



Effective assessment is about great judgement.
It is important to use the right assessment tools and methods.
Assessment  should only be applied if there is a clear business case
  for doing so.