It is important to have a coherent talent management strategy that reflects the needs and culture of the business. Talent management strategy often evolves rather than results from proactive design. This can lead to practices and processes that conflict or contradict each other. The net effect is
frustrated employees and a business that isn’t achieving it’s potential.

At Wiseman Talent Solutions we have specialists who are able to review
talent management strategy and devise a best practice solution that fits your business.  We analyse areas such as:

Connection and linkages with business strategy.
Senior Management involvement and buy-in to talent management.
Financial investment and commitment to people.
Clarity in talent management policies.
Structure and processes for ongoing review of talent management activity.
Flexibility to adapt to market and environmental influences.



There are a number of key processes that must be put in place to support
effective talent management.  We have expertise in many of these including:

Design of role profiles and competency frameworks.
Design and implementation of performance management processes.
Design and professional support with partner progression, succession
  and high potential programmes.